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DESIGN SUPPORT: Landscape and Plant Suggestions


I can help you plan and design your new garden by discussing what you want to achieve, walking and studying your yard, and providing planting and hardscape suggestions for you to implement that suit your site and provide the elements you wish to achieve. I'm currently working on my Master Gardener Certificate from the Extension Office at CSU. I'm extremely well versed in Colorado plants and soil requirements and can help you identify the right plants for the right places in your yard. I will give you a rough sketch of your space to get you started, as well as a detailed list of plants to get you started.

DESIGN SUPPORT: Design and HOA Guidance


I'll help you design a landscape that includes the plants and materials for a sustainable and water-wise landscape, as well as help you navigate your Home Owners Association approval process. I can provide landscape sketches (to scale), as well as a detailed list of plants and hardscape materials that meet your HOA rules. I can also attend HOA approval meetings to help you fight for your right to a sustainable landscape by following Colorado House Bill 19-1050

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